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Movement  and a Changing Environment have been a constant theme in all of my work.  From 2000 until 2016, I had been traveling between Cape Cod and Florida.
The car became another studio and the experience of long hours in a car initiated my series called, “Drawings From a Moving Car”.  These were drawings made from a car window at sometimes 70 miles per hour.  It has had a liberating effect on the way I approach all subjects.  The series expanded into an extensive body of work in lithographs, etchings, and monotypes but most significantly has influenced me to rely on gestural expression or the expediency of the moment. 

The recent paintings on the theme of “Water” has been a natural development of this kind of spontaneity.  Water, by its very nature, is a continuum of movement as it constantly changes from one state to another. Movement as a continuum can also have deeper meaning as it refers to life itself.

With the loss of my husband in 2018, I am now on Cape Cod year long and I have had time to reflect more deeply on life and how I move further in my vulnerable spot.
Both politics of the moment and the state of the environment are also transient and vulnerable and they will affect me in ways I have yet to discover. 
Hopefully the process of “making art” will show me the way.