I start  with drawing and painting.  It is the most direct and meaningful form
of expression.  It is all about the immediate response to surroundings and all about the marks I make.  Through the process of drawing or painting,
 I discover truths about both my worlds: The outer world of experiences and sensations and the internalization of that world into something more profound and vitally important.  I draw with any tool or medium at my disposal.  When I draw, I am really painting with tones and lines and when I am painting, I am looking for the direct mark or the truest gesture.  I blur the separations between any process or technique because the IMAGE has the FINAL SAY.

The  printmaking process, for me, is a way to create and explore any image further.  To take it a step beyond.  I have been using the printmaking process to enlarge my drawings and paintings into a “unique image”. 
My monotypes are made by rolling translucent Handschy Lithography inks on a plexiglass or aluminum plate with brayers and rollers.  The plate is rolled with the selected ink, and areas are wiped and drawn into the plate.  
I work from direct observation many times.. The inks are conditioned with plate oil & magnesium carbonate so that they can be receptive to a brush.  When the painting is completed, 300 pound printing paper (Arches 88 or BFK Rives) is placed over the painted image & passed through a press.  The pressure transfers the image to paper.  I create monoprints using the lithographic process(often a laser plate) to create a matrix to experiment and discover a new approach to the image. 

 Materials, surfaces, experimentation and discovery are left to “chance”.  
I like that spirit of exploration and the thought-provoking images that come out of the process itself.  The “image” forms during the “process” and is not ever formulated beforehand.  I am after the dialogue, moving ever closer to the mysterious interactions between myself and the image.
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